Witness further, venture even further | Vivolight unveiled its multimodality Optical Coherence Tomography system and a series of innovative products at Hospitalar 2023!
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From May 23th to 26th, Hospitalar 2023, the largest healthcare trade fair in Latin America, unfolded in São Paulo, Brazil. Over 1,200 exhibitors from 70 countries and regions worldwide converged, captivating nearly 100,000 professional visitors and buyers. Cutting-edge medical equipment and technologies were showed. As a leading Chinese innovator in laser-related minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment devices, Vivolight Medical showcased a series of innovative products,  demonstrating technological strength of "Chinese originality" to the world.

 Guests from afar bring triumphs

During this exhibition, Vivolight Medical presented a myriad of independently developed products, attracting  both esteemed clients and hundreds of doctors, nurses, and medical students to visit and experience. Vivolight Medical warmly received over 1000+ partners and medical professionals, along with hundreds of distributors, engaging in technical exchanges as well as expressing strategic cooperation intentions. Thus, the four-day exhibition journey was truly rewarding.

"Black technology"  invoked waves of astonishment

Vivolight Medical's popular product, the projection vein finder, continues to captivate numerous new and existing clients, marveled at the device's "magical" performance, exclaiming that this "black technology" truly broadens their horizons.

Media Coverage: Innovative Technology Gains Prominence, Increased Visibility

Hospitalar, as one of the largest comprehensive medical exhibitions in Brazil and Latin America, has garnered attention from the local media. During the exhibition, local Brazilian journalists expressed a keen interest in Vivolight Medical's innovative technology and products. They conducted interviews and reported on Vivolight Medical, bringing China's innovative technology into the local people's awareness, which will further expand Vivolight Medical's visibility and influence in the Latin American region.

Vivolight Medical returned from the four-day exhibition in Brazil with great success. Through this event, Vivolight Medical's innovative technology and products once again gained widespread attention and recognition internationally. It has laid a solid foundation for further market cultivation in Latin America, allowing more doctors and potential partners to personally verify the excellence of Vivolight Medical's products and services, instilling confidence for future collaborations.

In the future, Vivolight Medical will intensify its efforts to expand internationally, setting sail on more exciting journeys on the global stage. We aim to share "Chinese ingenuity" in high-end medical technology products and services with partners worldwide, bringing better health and well-being to patients around the world.

Next destination is Medica 2023 in Germany, where we will continue to dazzle!