Vivolight Listed in “Top 100 Most Powerful High-Tech Companies 2021” Released by Frost & Sullivan
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The 15th Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Summit organized by Frost & Sullivan (hereinafter referred to as “Sullivan”) took place in Shanghai on July 23, 2021. At the summit, Vivolight stood out among “Top 100 Most Powerful High-Tech Companies 2021” and was listed in the “Top50 Most Powerful High-Tech Innovators 2021” . 

The “Top 100 Most Powerful High-Tech Companies 2021” was jointly sponsored by Sullivan and the Leadleo Research Institute, consisting of “TOP50 Most Powerful High-Tech Leaders 2021” and “Top50 Most Powerful High-Tech Innovators 2021”. It aims to investigate, explore and target the most powerful leaders in various cutting-edge technology fields, so as to unleash their value and unlimited potential empowered by technology in the process of industrial development; meanwhile, it aspires to support these companies to become the backbone in technology powerhouses.

Those ranked on the “Top 50 Most Powerful High-Tech Innovators” are mainly non-listed companies with outstanding performance in innovation, technology, R&D team, growth potential and past financing in their own fields. This ranking represents the recognition of Vivolight’s independent innovation capability, technical strength and growth potential by research institutions and the industry.